Coffee Museum

The History of Coffee

They say it all started in the Ethiopian highlands 100's of years ago.  The legend of Kaldi says that coffee was discovered when a goat ate some unknown berries from a tree and then became alert through the night.  A drink was prepared from these berries by worshippers in the local monastery which was found to help them stay awake during the long hours of prayers.  
This discovery started spreading rapidly until it reached the Arabian peninsula where the
Arabs have taken this newly found drink, coffee, with them around the world.
Today coffee is grown in a multitude of countries around the world. Whether it is Asia or Africa, Central or South America, the islands of the Caribbean or Pacific, all can trace their heritage to the trees in the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau.
As part of its passion & commitment in the world of coffee, Easternmen & Co. is setting up a Coffee Museum in one of Dubai's heritage hubs, Al Bastakia in Bur Dubai.
The Coffee Museum will be an upscale classic concept with international standards in a small, cozy, relaxing atmosphere with a simple oriental setting. The Museum's unique value proposition can be summarized as follows:

A relaxing atmosphere with regional traditional architecture amalgamated with oriental architecture.
Showcase a wide selection of antique items illustrating regional and international coffee history and culture.
Platform for experiencing different regional styles of coffee such as local Arabic style, Ethiopian style, Japanese style etc
Emphasise on coffee education to the interested customers who wish to grab more about coffee, coffee roasting and coffee brewing.
Customer service: high-level of personalized service & attention for customers.
Coffee Museum gift shop will have unique verities of coffee related gift items.

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