Imported roasted Coffee

Easternmen & Co. caters to clients in the Mina region with a range of options, by roasting specific types of roasts and blends from Saudi, Arabic, City, to Turkish roasts.

The company is a market leader in providing  “private label” with special blends, roasts and design packages to businesses such as, the Union Co-op, Easternmen & Co. imports high-end roasted coffee’s from boutique roasters in Italy and Germany such as Trucillo, which has more than 50 years in the commercialization of top-quality coffee. Trucillo ensures that their espresso coffee is of the highest quality. Trucillo blended coffees are made from the finest quality beans, culled from a variety of species and places. They choose only the best Arabicas and Robustas beans for roasting.


Mocambo was founded in 1985 driven by an innate passion for coffee.  The quality and freshness of their blends and the know-how they have acquired managed to transmit the true Italian culture of the espresso to its Clients.  Mocambo coffee has been gradually perfected, offering an ever more irresistible top quality product while still managing to retain the traditions and secrets of the process known as “slow roasting”. Mocambo is offered at Emirates Airlines, cafes, restaurants in the UAE and the Middle East.