About us

Welcome to Easternmen & Co., a company that is endlessly passionate about everything coffee. Easternmen & Co. is UAE based and owned and was founded in 1994 with the philosophy of celebrating the coffee culture from its roots all the way to the cup.  The company is a leading distributor of green, specialty, decaffeinated and roasted coffee to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and many other places around the world.  High quality green coffee beans are imported from Latin America, Africa and Asia among other global sources of quality coffee beans. Organic and fair trade coffees are available too among the vast selection of coffees imported and offered By Easternmen & Co. 
Leading global coffee machines, spare parts, coffee bar accessories products are also imported and distributed to a wide client base.  The coffee machines' portfolio include brands such as Victoria Arduino, Nuova Simonelli, Bezzira, Wega from Italy, Renika from France, Device Style from Japan and ECM from Germany and Easternmen & Co. selected specialized boutique coffee roasters like Trucillo from Italy and Mocambo from Germany.
Easternmen & Co. approach is to source unique and innovative products that represent a vertical leap in quality and service. We maintain the best quality & service by searching only for the best. We focus on product selection and continuous sourcing of the premium brands all over the world in terms of coffee, coffee machines as well as other products that distinguish Easternmen & Co. from others.